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WHG Know-how

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Albert-Bassermann-Straße 28
68782 Brühl

Products / Applications Certificates References

HIMA Safety Nonstop
The HIMA group is the world's leading independent provider of solutions for safety-critical applications. With more than 35,000 installed systems and TÜV-certified hardware and software, HIMA qualifies as the safety automation industry’s technology leader. For over 45 years the world's largest oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and energy-producing companies have relied on HIMA products, services and consulting to provide uninterrupted plant operations and protection for people and the environment. A family-owned safety specialist, HIMA operates from over 50 locations worldwide, has a workforce of approximately 850 employees and in fiscal year 2014 generated sales of €121 million.

Proactive security concepts instead of reactive defense: safety and security in industrial plants needs rethinking
Securing and Protecting Process Plants in the Digital Age: Functional safety requires IT security
An ROI Approach to the New Combustion Safety Standards
Functional Safety at Your Plant Requires IT Security

Product Information:
Pipeline Management Control (FlexSILon® PMC: The world's first SIL 3 capable leak monitoring system
HIMatrix F for usage in passenger trains certifed by TÜV SÜD


Secure oil supply: HIMA protects Europe’s biggest petroleum pipeline
Successful turnaround in the petrochemical area of OMV refinery in Schwechat AUSTRIA
INEOS: HIMA solutions make cracker plant future-proof
Turbomachinery control at gasoline desulfurization plant
HIMA supplies central control system for one of the most advanced laser research centers in Germany
HIMA delivers safety systems and fire&gas system for Ichthys gas field project (INPEX) in Australia
3M: Safety technology for high-temperature upcycling plant
Boiler management systems for Queen Mary 2
Quapco: Safety-related solution for petrochemical company


Contact:  Hartmut Leistner
Telephone: +49 2131 29878–20
Fax: +49 6202 709-123

Products / Applications

HIMA-Sytems: One Technology – always the right solutions

HIMA-Sytems: One Technology – always the right solutions

  • Selection based on individual requirements for perfect technical and commercial fit
  • Solutions for any type and any number of I/O points
  • Centralized and distributed applications via safeethernet
  • Integrates with any DCS

FlexSILon-solutions – comprehensive automation solutions for the process industry

FlexSILon-solutions – comprehensive automation solutions for the process industry

  • FlexSILon TMC for compressors and turbo machines
  • FlexSILon BCS for burner control and boiler protection
  • FlexSILon PMC for the management of gas and liquid pipelines
  • control, regulation und monitoring
  • Engineering, procurement, system integration, on-site-service

HIMA Services – Safety expert on your site

HIMA Services – Safety expert on your site

HIMA offers services for the entire lifecycle of a plant. This includes 24-h-On-Call, 24-h-Hotline, 24-h-Spare-Parts-Service, One-Site-Engineering, Maintenance Planning, Application Support and Trainings.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our consulting in all areas and the relevant procedures are customer-specific. Generally we offer consulting services in the areas Senior Management Consulting, Functional Safety Consulting, Process Safety, Reliability, Machinery, Cyber Security and Training.


HIMA ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

HIMA ISO 14001 Environment Certificate

FSM Development Production 968/FSM 100.11/14 Certificate

FSM Project Engineering 968/FSM 101.10/12 Certificate

HIMax TÜV EC Type Examination Certificate (1407)

HIMax TÜV CENELEC SIL 4 Certificate Z10 11 02 19183 007 (1241)

HIMatrix TÜV EC Type Examination Certificate (1223)

HIMatrix TÜV CENELEC SIL 4 Certificate Z10 12 05 19183 047 (1219)

HIMatrix M45 TÜV EC Type Examination Certificate (1344)

HICore TÜV HICore 1 Certificate EL 719 01 13 (1315)

H41q/H51q TÜV Certificate 968 EZ 129 16 10 (1045)

Planar4 TÜV Certificate U98 06 19183 027 (9826)

Planar4 TÜV Certificate SIL 4 52100 62100 Z10 14 11 19183 049 (1448)