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PED Professional 6



Eupener Straße 165
50933 Köln

Products / Applications

Our expertise: We save your energy

AREVA H2Gen is a technology provider that develops and manufactures Hydrogen generators by water electrolysis using Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM) technology used by 25 kW up to the multi - MW range. AREVA H2Gen AREVA H2Gen cumulates here through a knowledge, unique in Europe, issued from 25 years of research on PEM technology.

AREVA H2Gen offers a wide range of Onsite hydrogen generators dedicated to industrial applications:

  • Power plant generator coolingn
  • Float glass and glass treatment
  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Pharmacy
and provides economical attractive solutions as well as the complete engineering and integration in your process including:

  • Compression
  • Storage
  • Mixing solutions
Our products meet the highest safety standards required by European and International regulations, as well as the ones required by gas distribution companies.

Serving the markets of industrial applications, AREVA H2Gen is also committed to support its customers in multi MW Projects in order to meet the challenges of Hydrogen for mobility and renewable energy storage.

Product informations:
Hydrogen by electrolysis: Concept of a high-capacity production plant

Partners in the GRHYD project inaugurate France's first Power-to-Gas demonstrator


Contact:  Dipl.-Ing Carsten Krause
Telephone: +49 221 888244-88
Fax: +49 221 888244-67

Products / Applications

PEM Elekrolyseure for your energy

PEM Elekrolyseure for your energy

  • Modular, up to multi MW systems
  • Reliable, easy, clean and safe
Focused on reliability and cost efficiency our electrolysers have a modular architecture based on a 5 Nm3/h, 10 Nm3/h or 15 Nm3/h and 30 Nm3/h stack and standardised components chosen for their proof of reliability in industrial equipment. Each stack has its own individual and highly efficient 50 kW AC/DC water cooled rectifier.

All generators are controlled by a PLC with an HMI (Human Machine Interface) in order to ensure safety and monitor process..

Advantages of AREVA H2Gen PEM-Electrolysers:
  • more security
  • high efficiency
  • high reliability
  • easy and reduced maintenance
AREVA H2GenHydrogen Generator’s Product Line is based on a modular architecture that can be implemented as In or Outdoor version.

Solutions from a hand

Solutions from a hand

Areva H2-Gen delivers project engineering as well as integral project management (funding management, civil work management and project coordination on the spot) from one hand. Thanks to our experience in the area of management we can offer you support in the assembly and construction phase and coordinate the different protagonists and suppliers within your hydrogen project.

Furthermore we make feasibility studies and support the best known research institutes in the early developmental stages to the limits of different research and development strategies anticipate and plumb.