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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Tools and Utilities

Emission-free fuel cell train Coradia iLint transports passengers in a regular train service

The world's first hydrogen powered train for regional transport was presented at the 2016 InnoTrans exhibition. That fuel cell train is now celebrating its world premiere in the Rotenburg district of Lower Saxony. With immediate effect, the entirely emission-free regional train, which has been named the “Coradia iLint”, will connect the cities of Bremervörde, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Buxtehude to provide a regular train service carrying passengers back and forth along its almost 100-kilometre route.

Developed by French train builder Alstom, the “Coradia iLint” hydrogen-fuelled train, whose features include its low-noise operation, is fitted w ith t he l atest generation of WEH® TN1 H2 350 bar Receptacles. The fuel cells tucked under the roof of the train convert the hydrogen in its fuel tank into electrical energy to get it to its destination. The train is fuelled using the WEH® TK16 H2 350 bar Fuelling Nozzle.

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