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Southeastern Technology Center: H2 Bus (1997)





Technology provider



Regular floor midi bus from Blue Bird Bus company


Experimental demonstrator

Passenger capacity


Size, weight

Length 10 m

Propulsion concept

The power plant is a V-8 cylinder internal combustion engine. The power plant is connected to an electric drive train. The bus has a regenerative braking system. The small CO and hydrocarbon emissions are oxidiezed and Nox is reduced in a three way catalyser 




Stainless steel vessels containing a hydride material, absorbing hydrogen at 25°C and less than 2,4 MPa. The hydride storage system has a total weight of approx.2268 kg and can hold greater than 12 kg H2; refueling time 90-150 min for 11,8 kg H2

Range, consumption

About 240 km, consumption of approx. H2 0.1kg/km 

Top speed, acceleration



Demonstration in Augusta, Georgia from June 1997 to April 1998


Costs, prices

Expected cost of mass production is $ 500.000


Part of the technology transfer and economic developemnt mission of the U.S. Department of Energy

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Production designs make the bus safer than a diesel bus. The bus has approximately twice the efficienc equivelance of a regular diesel engine bus. The bus is a result of years of study and advancement in the handling of hydrogen isotopes for tritium processing. Project partner: Westinghouse Savannah River Company (Hydride Technology, Technical/ Safety Analysis), Southeastern Technology Center ( Program Management/ Public Awareness Services), Georgia Tech Research Institute (Bus Modification for Hydrogen Operation), Augusta-Richmond County (Owner/ Operator of H2 Fuel Bus), The Education, Research & Development Association of Georgia Universities (Contract Administrator), Hydrogen Components Inc. (Fuel Tank Construction and Engine Conversion), Blue Bird (Bus Manufacture), Power Technology Southeast Inc. (Engine/ Generator), Energy Research and Generation, Inc. (Duocel Aluminum Foam in Hydride Vessels), Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (Hydrogen Refueling Equipment- Atlanta), Air Liquide American Corporation (Hydrogen Refueling Equipment- Augusta), Northrop Grumman Automotive System (Electric Drive Train)

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