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H2Mobility: Hydrogen Vehicles

Timeline of all Hydrogen Vehicles Worldwide

H2Mobility provides an overview and inside view about the development of hydrogen fuelled vehicles for transport applications.

H2Mobility covers cars and buses as well as ships, bikes, aircrafts and utility vehicles to visualise the continuous progress towards the commercialisation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to provide clean mobility.

All hydrogen and fuel cell prototypes are listed in timelines by presentation date and category. Furthermore each vehicle is described in more detail in an individual data sheet with photo.

By now more than 400 hydrogen vehicles have been collected by h2mobility.org. These vehicles are either powered by hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engines (ICE) / turbines or by fuel cells.

Only first technical prototypes are listed. Follow-up vehicles such as small series are not yet included. During this year we will be extended also to provide an overview about fleet tests such as the 60 DaimlerChrysler F-Cell vehicles that are currently on the road.

Enjoy the diversity of hydrogen mobility!