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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Highest increase of hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany worldwide in 2018 again (14.02.2019)

In Germany, 17 new public refuelling stations started operation in 2018, further consolidating Germany as the country with the second largest public hydrogen refuelling infrastructure globally with 60 public stations, ahead of the USA (42 stations) and only surpassed by Japan (96 public stations).

A total of 48 hydrogen refuelling stations were opened worldwide in the past year. This is the result of the eleventh annual assessment by H2stations.org, a website of Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) and TÜV SÜD.

By end of 2018, there were 60 publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany, which can be accessed and used like conventional fuelling stations. Planning has already started for another 38 dedicated locations of which 34 will be built by the H2Mobility Germany industry initiative. In the past year, Germany has confirmed its place as the country with the second largest hydrogen refuelling infrastructure globally, only surpassed by Japan. four new sites in the Eastern part of Germany have increased the comprehensive national coverage and the refuelling station density along the increasingly seamless hydrogen corridors from East to West and North to South in Europe.

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