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Japanese Hydrogen Refueling Station and Fuel Cell Vehicle introduction (05.09.2014)

The Japanese government has recently instructed all ministries and other offices to use fuel cell cars as official vehicles.
Furthermore, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to set up over 100 hydrogen stations in the country by 2015 and to offer 2 million yen (around 15,000 Euro) per vehicle of subsidies for fuel cell vehicles.

A joint venture of Toyota Tsusho Corp., a Toyota subsidiary, and Air Liquide SA of France recently began construction of their first commercial hydrogen refueling station, moving to support the auto maker's planned introduction of a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car by the end of March 2015. The station is located in an industrial area of the manufacturing hub of Nagoya. The venture plans to build three commercial hydrogen refueling stations in the coming months and to start operation by the end of this year.