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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: DWV: Fuel Cell and Battery are a team (18.12.2008)

"Don't create artificial conflicts where there aren't any!"
The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association DWV warns of creating artificial conflicts between fuel cell and battery propulsion. In its latest press release, DWV emphasizes the complementary nature of fuel cells and batteries. The pure battery electric vehicle would not be the general solution to our mobility requirements in the future, and on the other hand fuel cells need batteries. All running fuel cell cars and all developments include batteries as buffer storage.

In one word: The car of the future has an electric motor and a battery. And many, if not most, will also have a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell.

DWV lists the classical shortcomings of batteries, which will be reduced but not eliminated by intensive research and development. Breakthroughs in energy density and other critical parameters would not be expected in the coming 15 to 20 years, according to DWV. Batteries are too heavy, too bulky and to slow to recharge and thus allow for limited driving autonomies only. Hydrogen and fuel cells demonstrate significant advantages in these aspects. DWV concludes that batteries and fuel cells complement each other.

Batteries and fuel cells are similar also in their ecological balance, with both electricity’s and hydrogen’s greenhouse gas balance depending essentially on how they are produced.

For these reasons, DWV welcomes the funding of environmentally friendly propulsion technologies by the German Government in the framework of the National Innovation Program „Hydrogen and Fuel Cells“ and in the Initiative for Electromobility.