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Hydrogen Filling Stations Worldwide

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Current number of database entries: 757

Last Change(s): 

03.04.2017Proton Energy headquarter - East Coast Hydrogen Highway
Wallingford (United States)
photos are available

03.04.2017Shell - Air Products Pipeline station
Torrance (United States)
temporary fueler is available with limited fueling until upgrade to retail station is ready

03.04.2017Newport Beach Shell demonstration hydrogen station
Newport Beach (United States)
upgrade in 2018

03.04.2017Harbor City - Chevron station
Harbor City (United States)
station operated longer than planned, to close end of March, applied for new funding

03.04.2017Rancho Palos Verdes
Rancho Palos Verdes (United States)

03.04.2017Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita (United States)

03.04.2017Lawndale Station
Lawndale (United States)
under construction, to open mid 2017

03.04.2017Mountain View hydrogen fueling station
Mountain View (United States)
start postponed to early 2018

03.04.2017Hydrogen Refueling Station Network Deployment
Encinitas (United States)

Cupertino (United States)
new location instead of Los Altos

03.04.2017North Hollywood
North Hollywood (United States)

03.04.2017Orange Station
Orange (United States)
to start 2018 or later

03.04.2017Rohnert Park Station
Rohnert Park (United States)
start date postponed to 2018 and beyond

03.04.2017Palo Alto Station
Palo Alto (United States)
to start early in 2018

03.04.2017Woodside Station
Woodside (United States)
under commissioning process, to start mid 2017

03.04.2017Ontario Station
Ontario (United States)
still under construction; start is planned for mid 2017

03.04.2017Air Liquide hydrogen station Hartford
Hartford (United States)
to open Q3 2017

03.04.2017Air Liquide Braintree station
Braintree (United States)
to open Q4 2017

03.04.2017Air Liquide Mansfield station
Mansfield (United States)
to open Q4 2017

03.04.2017Air Liquide Bronx station
New York Bronx (United States)
to open Q4 2017

03.04.2017COHRS OMV Wiener Neudorf
Wiener Neudorf (Austria)
to open in the middle of this year

03.04.2017COHRS OMV Graz
Graz (Austria)
in operation

03.04.2017CEP Laatzen Hannover
Laatzen (Germany)
newly planned

03.04.2017CEP Potsdam
Potsdam (Germany)
newly planned

03.04.2017CEP Bremen 2
Stuhr (Germany)
newly planned