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Water- / Ex-Protection: Certification of vapour recovery systems (VR2) according to EN 16321-1 (13.08.2018)

Under the European Stage II Directive (2009/126/EC), vapour recovery systems (VR2) have been mandatory at fi lling stations since 2016. The VR2 systems installed must be certified according to EN 16321-1. This standard previously only applied to new filling stations.However, from 1 January 2019 all fi lling stations must be equipped with vapour recovery systems certifi ed in accordance with EN 16321-1.

Are you aware of this deadline?

Check now whether your systems still require EN 16321-1 certification to comply with legal requirements!

Contact us if you require assistance in meeting the statutory deadline. We will be happy to arrange an appointment, including at short notice.

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