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Passenger conveyors




  • Fast conveyance of passengers either on the same or between different levels.
  • Usually used in business areas.
Drive concept
Electric drive with non-friction driving elements between the operational brake and the step or pallet drive.

Drive types
Direct drive located in the upper return station or at the passenger`s side of the step or pallet.

  • High capacity of up to 13.500 persons/h
  • Integrated in public traffic means (p.e. underground)
  • Traffic control
Key components


Drive unit
comprising motor, gearbox, brake

mostly three-phase motors; at higher speeds direct-current motors

mostly spur or planetary gear, with/without additional gearing.

Brake system
Dual-circuit brake system with/without auxiliary brake

Control system
Mostly microprocessor controls for
  • continuous operation
  • automatical operation, with/without reactivation for automatic re-start
  • automatical start by user (alternating drive)
  • speed control, depending on number of passengers
Supporting structure
Mostly comprising truss supported on both landings

comprising steps, the step-chain and the tension frame in the lower landing

including handrails and skirting

Safety devices

Mechanical safety features, such as:
  • Selection of adequate material (suitable strength and surface texture)
  • Compliance with safety distances
  • Attaching deflectors
Electrical safety devices, such as:
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Handrail entry guard
  • Comb supporting switch
  • Step sagging switch
  • Monitoring the tension of the step-chain
  • Monitoring overspeed and unintentional reversal
Organizational measures, such as:
  • Compliance with a sufficient size of unrestricted area at the landings
  • Compliance with the operational manual.
  • Restricted to intended use only (conveyance of passengers)
  • Regular maintenance by competent personnel
  • Periodic inspections and tests by competent engineers

Standards and regulations

2006/42/EC :
DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast).

9. ProdSV:
9th ordinance on the Product Safety Act (Machine Directive)

DIN EN 115:
Safety rules for the construction and installation of escalators and Passenger conveyors (harmonized European product standard)

Regulation on the construction and operation of tramways. Also applicable to subways.

ZH 1/484:
Trade union guideline on escalators and moving walks

Service for Regulation

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