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Workpieces in craft and industry consist of so-called materials. They are of great importance for the final quality of the later finished product. To ensure the quality of the materials, they are examined as part of a material test.

Classic representatives are the metallic materials, above all the iron materials such as steel (with a carbon content of less than two percent) and cast iron (over two percent carbon). There are also non-metals (semiconductors, polymers) and inorganic non-metals such as glass or ceramics. Wood and graphite are among the so-called natural substances.

Even with sturdy materials, slight or serious damage can occur over time, especially due to corrosion.

A detailed overview of various cases of damage occurring in practice, including description, causes, remedies and services can be found on the following page:

Cases of Damage

material analysis, material examination, welding examination:

TÜV SÜD offers you a wide range of services on materials and welding.

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