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Materials and Welding

The so-called welding is often used in craft and industry to connect two workpieces. This is the most important group of joining methods. In contrast to joining by riveting or screwing, the costs for welding are much lower and, in addition, the strength of the connection is significantly higher than during soldering or gluing. An additional material is used during the welding process, usually rods or wires. They get melted and finally into the joint between the workpieces to be joined. There they freeze and thereby create a solid connection. The rods or wires are functionally equated with solder or adhesive. Basically, a distinction is made by fusion welding and pressure welding.

The process of fusion welding requires the use of an electrode metal. Arc welding - a form of fusion welding - uses electricity to create an arc between an electrode and the workpieces to be joined.

A weld joint is the area where the workpieces are joined together. Depending on the arrangement of the parts, there are now different types of impact, such as the multiple impact, the butt joint, the lap joint and the T-joint.

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Materials are the materials that make up the workpieces. Accordingly important is the quality of the recyclables, which can be determined by a material test. Materials are divided into metallic, non-metallic, natural and composite materials. The oldest materials in the world were the natural materials stone and wood, from which the first tools such as the hand ax were made. The oldest artificial material is ceramics, which was first used around 10,000 BC. 2000 years later began the technical use of metals. Important mechanical properties of materials since then are the hardness, density, elasticity, fatigue strength and toughness.

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