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Welding is the most important group of joining methods for joining two or more workpieces. In comparison to screwing or riveting, welding is much cheaper, and the connection is much stronger than with gluing and soldering. Usually so-called filler materials such as rods or wires are used for welding. These melt, get into the joint between the parts to be joined, solidify there and create the firm connection. The welding consumables take on the same function as the solder during soldering or the glue / adhesive during bonding. Within welding, a distinction is made between fusion welding and pressure welding.

Detailed information about welding can be found on the following pages.

Welding technology

welding technology

  • welding
  • welding joints
  • seam types
  • heat tretment

Operational requirements

Anforderungen Schweißen
operational requirements

  • requirements DIN EN ISO 3834
  • fusion welding
  • performance levels

Approval of welding processes

Anerkennung Schweißverfahren
approval of welding processes

  • Overview of current examination
  • Welding procedure test

Personnel qualification

Schweißen Ausbildung
personell qualification

  • welding supervisors
  • tasks / responsibility
  • knowledge / qualification
  • standards / regulations
  • overview: welder & operator
  • examination and processes
  • validity
  • Personal for non-destructive

Welding of high-strength steels

Schweißen hochfester Stähle
welding of high-strength steels

  • high strength steels
  • general information
    about the material
  • cutting process
  • heat treatment
  • MAG-welding
  • WIG-welding
  • laser welding
  • Practical tips
  • tools

Welding gases

welding gases

  • Introduction
  • gases
  • gas mixtures
  • WIG-welding
  • special stainless steels
  • Unalloyed steel
  • development

Welding of high-alloy steels

Schweißen hochlegierter Stähle
welding of high-alloy steels

  • fields of application
    and trends
  • applications
  • shielding gases
  • pulse technology
  • root protection

Additional materials for welding

standardization welding consumables

  • european standardization of
    welding consumables

Preheating temperature

Vorwärmtemperatur Schweißen
Preheating temperature

  • Determination of the
    preheating temperature

Help, tips and tricks

Arbeitshilfe Tipps Tricks Schweißen
tips and tricks

  • Internal Links
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