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FlexoFORM: innovative corrosion scanner for pipe elbow inspection

The new, cost-efficient and robust scanner Olympus FlexoFORM accelerates and simplifies the particularly challenging inspection of pipe elbows in power plants as well as production facilities in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Thanks to its integrated flexible phased array technology and 2D C-scan imaging, FlexoFORM provides inspectors with the full range of high-resolution data in next to no time. Pipe elbows are very susceptible to damage through flow-accelerated corrosion. The FlexoFORM scanner enables inspectors to precisely inspect those regions with regard to remaining wall thickness, corrosion pitting or inclusions and thus comprehensively evaluate the condition of the inspected elbow. And all this without the need for the time-consuming process of drawing grids on the surface of the pipe elbow to ensure a 100 per cent coverage of the inspection.

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