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Inform yourself about all important things concerning REACH. What has to be done? What are the most common mistakes in practise? And who can support you? On the following pages you will every information.

What does REACH stand for?

Was bedeutet REACH
What does REACH stand for?

  • Legal background
  • No data, no market

What has to be done?

Umsetzung von REACH
Who does it concern?
What has to be done?

  • Manufacturers and importers
  • Users

Registration and deadlines

Registrierung von Chemikalien
Registration and deadlines

  • Requirements for registration
  • How to register?
  • Next steps
  • Exposure assessment
  • SIEF

The 10 most important rules

Registrierung REACH

The 7 most common mistakes

Fehler bei Registrierung
The most common mistakes

  • Mistakes you should not do


Zulassung REACH

  • Principle
  • Authorisation procedures
  • Support
  • Candidate list
  • Inclusion

Duty to communicate information on substances

Informationspflicht SVHC
Everything about SVHC

  • To all suppliers
  • Manufacturers and importers
  • To retailers

Classification and labelling inventory

To the inventory

  • Obligation of notiying

Supply chain

Supply chain

  • Duties to communicate

Support in REACH implementation

Umsetzung von REACH
TÜV SÜD Services for you

  • How TÜV SÜD can support you
Do you need support in REACH implementation?

TÜV SÜD would be proud to help you.

support in REACH implementation