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Directive 2014/68/EU - Terminology

Excerpts from Directive 2014/68/EU (Article 2)
Making available on the market
Any supply of pressure equipment for distribution or use on the Union market in the course of a commercial activity, whether in return for payment or free of charge.

Gases, liquids and vapours in pure phase as well as mixtures thereof; fluids may contain a suspension of solids.

Placing on the market
First making available of pressure equipment on the Union market.

Economic operators
The manufacturer, the authorised representative, the importer and the distributor.

Any natural or legal person who manufactures pressure equipment or has such equipment manufactured and markets that pressure equipment under his name or trademark.

Authorised representative
Any natural or legal person established within the Union who has received a written mandate from a manufacturer to act on his behalf in relation to specified tasks.

Any natural or legal person established within the Union who places pressure equipment from a third country on the Union market.

Any natural or legal person in the supply chain, other than the manufacturer or the importer, who makes pressure equipment available on the market.