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Directive 2014/68/EU - Changes

What has been changed ?

The classification of fluids for the classification of pressure equipment in categories will be based on the GHS/CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 in the future.

While the changed parameters for fluid classification seem not to impact on pressure equipment categories at present, such an impact cannot be excluded with certainty for special fluid mixtures.

Some of the changes to the new Directive are purely editorial in nature (re-wording, re-ordering and re-numbering).

There are very few changes related to conformity.

One change concerns new, extensive documentation requirements. In addition, due to the editorial changes the term "vessels referred to in Art. 3(3)" which has become a well-established concept, has now changed to "vessels referred to in Art 4(3)".

Existing certificates will remain valid under the new directive. Article 48 states: "Certificates and decisions issued by conformity assessment bodies under Directive 97/23/EC shall be valid under this Directive".

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