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compressed air

what is compressed air?

As an energy carrier, the compressed air is used mainly in mining to drive machines underground. It is used to power turbines and cylinders because when the air is released, the energy is converted into motion.

Compressors bring the air to a higher pressure, but this requires a lot of energy. There is a lot of unused heat energy, which is why compressed air is anything but a cheap source of energy. The compressors used for production are either two-stage or three-stage reciprocating compressors or screw compressors. Typical compressed air systems also consist of an oil filter, a dryer, the dust filter, a wind tank, the maintenance unit and the distribution network. It basically summarizes in pressure generator, pressure accumulator and distributor.

Netinform has put together extensive information about compressed air, together with our partner BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH München.

General information

what is compressed air?

  • definition + application
  • conditioning
  • grades
  • storage

Compressor types

types of compressors

  • types + classification
  • multi-stage compression
  • cooling and lubrication
  • condensate drain

Installation of compressors

Aufstellung Kompressor

  • closed rooms
  • outdoors
  • compressor control
  • explosion protection
  • pipelines

Laws, regulations, technical rules

Druckluft Gesetze
laws and regulations

  • regulations, laws
  • UVV compressor
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