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Richtlinie 2010/35/EU - Directive for Transportable Pressure Equipment

Scope of Directive 2010/35/EU

Directive 2010/35/EU replaced Directive 1999/36/EC on 1 July 2011. the Directive applies to pressure receptacles, tanks and their accessories. Since then, the conformity assessment procedures of Directive 1999/36/EC and their known modules no longer exist. Instead the ADR/RID procedures published in ADR/RID 2009 must be applied.

What is a Transportable pressure equipment ?

Transportable pressure equipment comprises
  • "Pressure receptacles" as per ADR including: cylinders, tubes, pressure drums, closed cryogenic receptacles and bundles of cylinders
  • tanks of tank vehicles, tank containers, tank wagons and others
  • as well as their valves and other accessories used for transport
for the carriage of
  • Class 2 gases as defined in ADR/RID, or
  • Hydrogen cyanide (stabilised), hydrogen fluoride (anhydrous) and hydrofluoric acid in classes 6.1 or 8 of ADR/RID
  • Bromine pentafluoride, bromine trifluoride, iodine pentafluoride in classe 5.1 of ADR/RID
While the regulations governing (1) and (3) have been integrated into the (ADR/RID) rules, the procedures governing (2) are still included in TPED:
  1. Placing on the market of new transportable pressure equipment
  2. Reassessment of the conformity of existing transportable pressure equipment
  3. Periodic inspection and repeated use of transportable pressure equipment

Directive 2010/35/EU on Transportable Pressure Equipment in our Service for Regulations

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Future requirements for the manufacturing of pressure equipment

  1. The categories of Directive1999/36/EC no longer exist. All pressure receptacles must be placed on the market and periodically inspected in accordance with the conformity assessment procedure outlined in ADR/RID 1.8.7..... .
  2. The technical requirements to be fulfilled by transportable pressure equipment either follow directly from dangerous goods regulations, i.e. ADR and RID, or from the technical codes referred to therein, e.g. standards.
  3. Verification of compliance with safety-related requirements is provided via two alternative conformity assessment procedures. Type approval is required in all cases.
    Transportable pressure equipment which verifiably complies with the requirements of the Directive is identified with the marking.