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BlueRegistry - Produkt Information
BlueRegistry - manual
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VER+ standards for carbon projects
Generation EE standards for renewable energy
Generation EE+
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BlueRegistry - Public Section

The BlueRegistry is divided into two main sections. Make your choice between credits and certificates in the field of the voluntary carbon market or green electricity.

BlueRegistry account holders

carbon credits
carbon credits - list of retirements

green electricty

The registry includes documentation on credits / certificates that have been verified according to different standards. The standards define the ‘currencies’ held in the BlueRegistry.

Overview on the accepted ‘currencies’ that can be included to the BlueRegistry:

Carbon credits
VER+ credits from projects that have undergone VER+ verification
Green Energy
TRU, TRU+, TRUnew Proof of origin of electricity produced from power plants certified according to the TÜV SÜD “Generation EE”, “Generation EE+” and "Generation EEnew", standards for “Generation of electricity from renewable sources”
GoO Guarantee of Origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources according to the EC Directives and national regulation
Environmental Friendly Units
TEFU Certificates for electricity produced for high efficient Combined Heat and Power Generation (CHP) certified according to the TÜV SÜD “Generation UE” standards