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PED Professional 6

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH

Bussardweg 12
41468 Neuss

Products / Applications

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH produces and sells new hydrogen-sensing-sensors and hydrogen-sensing-systems for a broad range of applications. The development for this new technology of H2-sensing-elements based on 10 years successfull work. We specialized in unheated, inorganic, nanostructured sensing-elements with a high, narrow band sensitivity to hydrogen gas, minimized power consumption and short response times.

Our product range comprises:

  • H2-sensing-elements for industrial applications e.g. measuring hydrogen in air, inert-atmosphere and in natural-gas
  • H2-sensing-elements for use in fire-alarm-systems
  • H2-sensing-elements for H2-leackage detection in automotive applications
Here you'll find a downloadable overview of all H2-sensing-elements.

neo hydrogen sensors GmbH has the licence for the EP-patent “DIODE THIN FILM ASSEMBLY FOR DETECTING HYDROGEN AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF, AND HYDROGEN SENSOR”. It's officially released under the european number EP2643690 and under the german patent number DE102011122119A1.

Product informations:
Data sheet H2 burner NEO322
H2-sensing system NEO971 for leakage detection


Contact:  Dr. Dieter Ostermann
Telephone: +49 2131 2090112
Fax: +49 2131 6629600

Products / Applications

H2-burner NEO322

H<sub>2</sub>-burner NEO322


  • Catalytic, flameless, thermal combustion of H2/air gas mixtures
  • Combustion of hydrocarbon-gas mixtures (at increased starting temperature)
  • Conversion of waste hydrogen
  • Catalytic afterburning of fuel cell exhaust gases or electrolysis gas
  • Purification of air or e.g. helium
  • Depletion of oxygen or hydrogen in chemical processes
  • Generation of heat energy / heating energy
  • Safety technology, explosion prevention, fire prevention through O2 depletion
Data sheet H2 burner NEO322

NEO972 - Sensing system for hydrogen leakage detection

NEO972 - Sensing system for hydrogen leakage detection


  • Hydrogen-leakage detection (e.g. passenger cell, engine housing)
  • Detection of hydrogen in natrual-gas-fuels
  • Hydrogen detection for the exaust-stream is in development
  • Safetysystem

NEO951 - H2-sensing-system for industrial applications

NEO951 - H<sub>2</sub>-sensing-system for industrial applications


  • Hydrogen-detection in chemical process-gases (wastegas, blowout gases)
  • Detection of hydrogen in carrier-gas-compositions (PVD-process-gas)
  • Hydrogen-measurement in the fuel-cell combustions up to 100% humidity
  • Detection of small hydrogen amounts in the anodic-electrolysis gas of water
  • Flue-gas monitoring (hydrogen-trace-detection and advance warning)
  • Detection of unwanted hydrogen in the electric power-storage process
  • Controlling the atmosphere of alkali-cleaning-prozesses (H2 due to chem.-reaction)

NEO992 - H2-sensing-system for use in fire-alarm-systems

NEO992 - H<sub>2</sub>-sensing-system for use in fire-alarm-systems


Detection of different types of fire (tested according to the DIN EN 54 with TF1-5 and TF8).


  • Faster fire recognition (less than 35 seconds)
  • Reduction of false alarm due to detection of invisible fire-trace-gas hydrogen
  • Detection of smoldering before the smoke spreads
  • Prevention of hydrogen-explosions in combination with safety-systems