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WHG Know-how

ITM Power GmbH

ITM Power GmbH
Energy Storage | Clean Fuel

Mragowo Strasse 15
35305 Grünberg

Products References

ITM Power plc designs, manufacture and sells CE marked Hydrogen Energy Systems for Energy Storage and Clean Fuel.

Energy storage is achieved by coupling water electrolysis equipment to renewable power sources, to produce high purity hydrogen gas.

ITM’s PEM electrolyser acts as a rapid, sub-second response, demand side load that can be controlled by power companies for grid balancing and managing intermittent power input. The hydrogen produced is stored and dispensed as a fuel to any form of hydrogen vehicle, or injected into the gas grid for power-to-gas energy storage.

Systems are self-pressurising, modular and scalable allowing integration into MW power systems and providing flexible deployment for new and existing refuelling networks.

ITMs systems have been deployment in Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Russia, France & Spain.


10MW Refinery Hydrogen Project with Shell in Wesseling
Thüga P2G qualified to offer balancing market power
RWE Power-to-Gas System Delivered: 2. Generation ITM Power PEM Electrolyser System
Thüga Group’s Power-to-Gas plant officially commissioned and operational
Rapid response PEM Electrolysis: First Sale & Installation to Thüga Group


Contact:  Calum McConnell
Telephone: +49 6401 2257-570
Fax: +49 6401 2257-572


Enabling Technology for MW Scale Energy Storage

HGas<br>Enabling Technology for MW Scale Energy Storage

ITM’s HGas product brings together rapid response and self-pressurising PEM electrolysis into a fully integrated package. Capable of addressing MW scale Power to Gas applications, HGas accommodates fluctuating power profiles while generating hydrogen at pressures suitable for either direct injection into natural gas networks or via methanation processes without additional compression.

Rapid response PEM Electrolysis

HGas<br>Rapid response PEM Electrolysis

  • Stores Renewable Energy as Renewable Gas
  • Sub second Response
  • Self- Pressurising up to 80Bar
  • Provides Long Term Energy Storage

a revolutionary vehicle refuelling system

HFUEL<br>a revolutionary vehicle refuelling system

On-site production of low cost ultra-pure, green hydrogen at 350 & 700bar.
ITM Power’s Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel) is a self-contained module suitable for refuelling hydrogen-powered road vehicles and forklift trucks.

ITM make a range of modular fixed and transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Stations providing flexible deployment solutions for national infrastructure and return to base (captive) fleet requirements. For transport fleets, including: bus depots, freight consolidation/ distribution warehouses, and airports. Based on ITM’s rapid response PEM electrolysers, the HFuel system is well suited to refuelling fuel cell electric vehicles with either 350 or 700bar ultra-pure 99.9999% green hydrogen, made on-site at the point of use. Integrates with the electricity grid to offer energy storage and grid balancing services, the Green hydrogen is made with surplus renewable energy, offering low cost, ultra-low carbon clean fuel. A modular platform (standard freight containers) allows for future expansion, after the initial installation, enabling a staged roll-out of hydrogen fuel.

A flexible mid-size hydrogen generator

HPAC<br>A flexible mid-size hydrogen generator

The HPac product platform offers flexible mid-range hydrogen generation. Available in two standard sizes, HPac delivers hydrogen at 15 bar pressure and is capable of generating between 1.3 - 5.0kg/24hrs.

The system operates under differential pressure to minimise plant cost and promote hydrogen purity. Operation is via a simple push button interface but can also be configured for control via inputs from other systems making it well suited to integration projects.