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PED Professional 6

ÈMI-TÜV Bayern Kft.

ÈMI-TÜV Bayern Kft.
TÜV SÜD Gruppe

Dózsa György út 26
2000 Szentendre / UNGARN

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Your technical partner in testing pressure equipment
ÉMI-TÜV Bayern Kft., a Hungarian sister company of TüV SÜD Group, is offering safety technical services for operators and manufacturers of machines and equipment. Our clients are assisted from design on until operating phase of machines by our consultancy and testing activity and equipment supervision. Hungarian and international authorizations of the Company allow us to adjust our services according to local expectations of clients.


ALCOA -KÖFÉM Co. ( Hungary) -  Testing and certification of the conformity according AD-W0/TRD 100

Güntner-Tata Co. ( Hungary )-  Testing and certification according to AD-HP0/TRD 201, DIN EN 729, MSZ EN 729 and DIN 6700-2

Aluminiumárugyár Co. ( Hungary )-  Equipment supervision, testing pressure vessels


Contact:  Ms. Krisztina Wiegand
Telephone: +36 26501-120
Fax: +36 26501-150


Equipment supervision

Equipment supervision

Testing and certification of conformity of the products, production technology, production prozess to the regulation PED, TPED, SPED, ADR, RID and according to the German regulations

Operational testing, certification

Operational testing, certification

Operational testing and certification of companies according to German, European and Hungarian regulations AD HP0, TRD 201, TRR 100, DIN EN 6700-2, AD W0, DIN EN 729, MSZ EN 729 and IKIM Regulation 3/98