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WHG Know-how

Copenhagen South

in operation
Last changes 13.06.2018 two further FC vehicles for the Copenhagen Mayors
Public access
24h/7 days; with refueling card available at H2Logic tl@h2logic.com +45 40258622
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The new station is part of the EU funded HyTEC demonstration project. Also funded by Danish EUDP program.
See also www.scandinavianhydrogen.org and www.hy-tec.eu. And part of the HyFIVE project www.hyfive.eu. Also funding within the EU project H2ME2.
LBST-Info This Information is provided by LBST. LBST Station ID: 315
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Photo of the new station: LBST

Photo of the new station: LBST

Photo of the new station: LBST

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