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The category "Search"leads to the Virtual Exhibition, netinform's business directory, which assists customers from industry in selecting appropriate product and service suppliers. A regional search function allows specific filtering for companies in your direct vicinity.
The Service of Regulation provides assistance in the form of a Library of all relevant statutes, regulations and technical rules. A Technical Database allows direct access to up-to-date information, substance data and certificates. Work is further facilitated by aids and tools in the form of technical articles, computation programs and decision-making aids.

Virtual Exhibition
The Virtual Exhibition helps you find the right partner: plant and plant component manufacturers, planners and architects, construction and engineering companies, authorities and associations are represented here.

Sevice of Regulation
The collection of regulatory instruments allows you to view the relevant regulations directly.

Tools and Utilities
Tools und Utilities, most only available in German Language .

Heating Oil Guide
Heating Oil Guide online (German)

EC-Type Examination

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