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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells


California State University Los Angeles (CSU LA) Hydrogen Fueling Station

in operation
Start date 31.12.2012
Last changes 20.02.2014 still in test operation, but not open for public until now
Public access
United States California
90032 Los Angeles
State University Drive 5151
on the east side of the campus
probably exact location

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The station, which will cost $4.5 million, is the first piece of infrastructure in the development of a sustainable energy engineering academic program. It will operate as both a teaching and research resource for the campus, allowing for the study of sustainably produced hydrogen and its commercial viability. The facility will also serve as a public station, open to those driving hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and buses in the Los Angeles area.
The compressors and storage arrived in November 2010. The electrolyzer and other units were moved onsite on their foundations in January 2011.
First and second stage compressors for fast filling at 70 MPa
electrolyser by Hydrogenics 30 Nm³/h 65kg/day
water purification equipment cooling system
grid-tied and powered by 100% renewable
60 kg high pressure storage
The station has passed H2 purity testing and has had the first fueling at 350 bar. CSULA will continue to test fueling protocols to verify the station readiness before opening to the public.
Opening is planned for March-April 2012.


California State University Los Angeles CSULA

Technology provider

Hydrogenics Corp.
Quantum Technologies

Further partners

U.S. DoE
Ahmanson Foundation (funding), California Air Resources Board (CARB), Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MRSC), Automobile Club of Southern California


Hydrogen supply
electrolysis - on-site by electricity from renewable energy 60 kg / day
Hydrogen storage

60 kg  

Vehicles served
FC vehicles
Office of Public Affairs. Phone (323) 343 -3050, Email
Micheal G. Dray


The Department of Technology at California State University, Los Angeles is one of five universities selected by the Department of Energy's (DOE) Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies (HFCIT) Education Subprogram focused on Fuel Cell curriculum development. The Hydrogen Education award in 2008 was for $319,000. The Principal Investigator on the grant is Dr. David Blekhman.
See details on California Hydrogen Highway Network at
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Location of the H2 station on the campus

Photo: CSULA

Photo: CSULA
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