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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: BAE Systems and Ballard to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell bus (01.04.2010)

Fuel cell-battery-hybrid propulsion system to be operated by California Californian SunLine Transit

Image: BAE Systems

HyWeb, 2010-04-01: In a joined effort, BAE-Systems and Ballard plan to develop a fuel cell bus which is scheduled for delivery in December 2011 for the Southern California Regional Transit Agency. The project is to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of the fuel cell technology and is funded by the U.S. Federal Transit Administration, California Calstart, California Air Resource Board, and California South Coast Air Quality Management District.

The bus developed under the program will use a fuel cell module supplied by Ballard Power Systems as the main power plant, combined with BAE Systems’ “HybriDrive” propulsion and power management system, used by transit agencies across the US, Canada and in the UK.

The 40-foot (approx. 12 m) long demonstration transit bus manufactured by California-based El Dorado National will use an advanced lithium-ion-based energy storage system with increased battery life and reduced vehicle weight.