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Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH

Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH
Containment Barriers, Flood Protection Systems

Henleinstraße 29a
86368 Gersthofen

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BLOBEL Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded in 1990. Today, the owner-managed company is a global player and ranks among the market leaders in the field of extinguishing agent retention. Its international representatives and products are to be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. BLOBEL protection systems have been installed in every continent on Earth – except in the Antarctic!

What distinguishes BLOBEL are the individual solutions it provides for complex tasks. The name BLOBEL is a byword for engineering achievement, top quality and a no-compromise approach to safety in the service of people and the environment. The sealing system developed by BLOBEL makes its flood barriers and protection wall systems secure and easy to adapt.

BLOBEL Containment Barriers adapt perfectly to the client’s given requirements. The highly specialized barriers are available for a variety of building openings: in the event of an emergency, manual slide-insert barriers, automatic stationary barrier systems, as well as storm water drain covers, prevent contaminated extinguishing agents from seeping into the groundwater and polluting the environment and the sewage system.

BLOBEL Flood Protection Systems – modular systems available as mobile slide-insert barriers for manual montage and automatic stationary barriers – are used by municipal authorities, commercial and industrial environments and in the private sphere. Further protection against flooding is provided by safety doors and cover plates for windows – also suitable for listed buildings and monuments. Rounding off the range of flood protection products are fully automatic barriers – recessed into the ground – which can be driven over by heavy-duty vehicles when not in use. All BLOBEL products are subject to ongoing quality assurance in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.


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Contact:  Gabriele Blobel
Telephone: +821 498190-0
Fax: +821 498190-30

Products / Applications

Containment Systems

Containment Systems

Contaminated sprinkler or fire-fighting water can pose a danger to people and the environment if it is allowed to trickle away uncontrolled, as numerous cases, some of them tragic, have shown in the past.

All BLOBEL spill barrier and retention systems are fitted with a national and internationally approved special sealing technology.

They meet the requirements stipulated by:

  • the Containment of Contaminated Fire-Fighting Water guideline (LÖRÜRL national)
  • the Capital Equipment Regulations (VAwS national)
  • regional fire protection authorities
  • all known specifications of the EU member states (for example: Seveso II directive 96/82/EC, 96/082/EEC), and other international guidelines and regulations

Flood Protection Systems

Flood Protection Systems

BLOBEL flood protection systems set standards for the market. Distinguishing features include high-quality, normalized material, maximum care in production, along with extreme robustness. They can be inserted manually and automatically. The standardization of components avoids problems with obtaining spare parts.

The HDS series offers additional protection against vandalism, a feature that is particularly valued by clients in the public sector.

BLOBEL systems offer quick and secure protection against flood water for doors and windows or even entire streets, shore areas and plots of land.

The flood water barriers meet the same high standards of safety as the containment systems.

Channel Inflow Covers

Channel Inflow Covers

BLOBEL drain covers are mobile and rapidly installed. Even in extreme conditions they offer secure protection against dangerous contamination of the sewage system, for example through polluted sprinkler or fire-fighting water.

BLOBEL stationary channel inflow covers are not concreted into the ground but firmly installed so that they can easily be removed and replaced during maintenance and inspection work.

All BLOBEL drain covers and channel inflow covers have been nationally and international approved.



Registration Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System

Inspection by Technical Inspectorate (TÜV)

Inspection certificates for various flood protection systems

VdS Guideline 2564-1

Type-tested spill barriers

Water Management Act

Water Management Act (WHG) specialized company

IdF Guideline for Flood Protection Systems

Certification of fire protection testing

European Flood Protection Association

Founding member