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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells


CEP HafenCity Vatenfall Shell

in operation
Start date 17.02.2012
Last changes 31.03.2014 no CGH2 delivery any longer, electrolysis capacity is sufficient
Public access
yes    8 to 18 o´clock. It requires pre-registration and use of a specific refueling key-card. Please contact first CEP.
20457 Hamburg
Oberbaum bridge 3
probably exact location

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to realize pure hydrogen station within city centre, to gain experience with truck delivery
• Hardware by Linde
• Two story building
• 2 electrolysers ( Hydrogenics HySAT-60 electrolyzer for 260 kg H2 /day
120 Nm³/h), optional 3
for 20 busses and some passenger cars per day ( 750 kg/d)v • Ionic compressors
• Middle & high pressure tanks (2 at 45 bar with 2x 215 kg, 120 high
pressure bottles at 830 bar with approx. 250 kg)
• 350 bar for cars and buses
• 700 bar technology, SAE J2601
• 50% of dispensed hydrogen will be from electrolysis on-site
• Electrolysis uses certificates to ensure renewable hydrogen
• Other 50% of hydrogen are trucked in at night
• Buses in daily haul
• Bus refuelings during day
• No service or snack-shop
• Only 688 m² footprint
• Partly danger of flooding
• Rural mixed area (offices)
• Surrounded by water
• Bridges at each end of the property
• Traffic (cars, bikes, pedestrians, ships)
• Permit following BImSch
SAEJ 2601
Delivery of CGH2 isn´t necessary. Capacity of the electrolysis is sufficient also with consideration of fleet forecast


Vattenfall Europe

Technology provider

Linde AG
Hydrogenics Corp.

Further partners

Hysolutions GmbH
Clean Energy Partnership CEP, Hamburger Hochbahn, Shell Hydrogen, German Transport Ministry


Hydrogen supply
electrolysis - on-site with electricity produced by renewable energy ( with certified `green` energy); 780kg/day; until 2013: 20 buses or 200 passenger cars /day
Hydrogen storage

430 kg @ 45 bar, 250 kg @ 830 bar 

Vehicles served
busses of Hamburger Hochbahn and passenger cars
Vattenfall Innovationsmanagement Anette Polkehn-Appel Tel.: 040-63 96-3067


The project is funded within the German Government program NIP (National Innovation program hydrogen and fuel cell technology) This station is an additional one of the other four newly planned station within the framework of CEP. The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) is a consortium of several partners, please see HafenCity is a new urban project in the city of Hamburg The station is recommended by Daimler for FC B-class 70 MPa yes, 35 MPa no. The station is accepted by major car companies.
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Photo: Vattenfall Europe - CEP

Photo: Vattenfall Europe CEP

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