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Last Changes 

02.04.2014Yakushima Honda
Miyanoura on Island Yakushima (Japan)
supposed to be out of operation

31.03.2014CEP HafenCity Vatenfall Shell
Hamburg (Germany)
no CGH2 delivery any longer, electrolysis capacity is sufficient

24.03.2014Helsinki Harbour Station
Helsinki (Finland)
in operation now

24.03.2014European Hydrogen Transport Project
Aberdeen (United Kingdom)
the first four buses were delivered, officially launch is planned for May

18.03.2014Honda Refueling Station
Torrance (United States)
new station by Air Products with 70 MPa filling

03.03.2014ClearEdge Power
South Windsor (United States)
UTC is now ClearEdge Power

03.03.2014First Ethanol-Hydrogen-Station
Chicago (United States)
also plans for US FC Bus Project

03.03.2014DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park
Southfield (United States)
no news are available,status is unclear

03.03.2014Texas first large scale public hydrogen station
Houston (United States)
no news are available

03.03.2014Angel's Nest
Taos (United States)
website doesn´t exist any longer; status unclear

03.03.2014HyTep Hydrogen Technology Partnership
Albuquerque (United States)
plans seem to continue

03.03.2014First Green Energy Project of Pakistan - First Hydrogen Refueling Station of Pakistan
Islamabad (Pakistan)
no news are available

03.03.2014BP Singapore One North Zone Hydrogen Filling Station
Singapore (Singapore)
no news are available, status unclear

03.03.2014BP Singapore Hydrogen Fueling System
Singapore (Singapore)
no news are available, status unclear

03.03.2014Montreal International Airport
Montreal (Canada)
no news are available

03.03.2014Multi-Fuel station Berlin-Brandenbrug H2-BER
Berlin (Germany)
to start operation by May 2014

03.03.2014FC Bus project
Birmingham (United States)
project started Q3 2013

03.03.2014Fort Lewis Waste Gas Station
Tacoma (United States)
no news are available.bus project was probably stopped

03.03.2014Carson City station
Carson City (United States)
should start in 2013, but no news are available

03.03.2014CTTransit hydrogen station
Hartford (United States)
also a bus with Ballard Power Systems in 2014/2015

03.03.2014Planta Experimental de Producción y Almacenamiento de Hidrógeno - PEPAH
Liberia (Costa Rica)
dispenser to be installed in early 2015; hydrogen production is in operation

28.02.2014Dull Farm Hydrogen Station
Brookville (United States)
GM visted station and refueled

28.02.2014West Virginia University Hydrogen Station
Morgantown (United States)
status unclear

28.02.2014Charleston´s Yeager Airport station
Charleston (United States)

28.02.2014Albany International Airport - HyImpact project
Albany (United States)
no news are availbale; status unclear

28.02.2014DoE VDP GM Lead
Fort Belvoir (United States)

28.02.2014Vermont PEM Electrolysis H2 Fueling System
Burlington (United States)
station was removed

27.02.2014Air Products Headquarter Station
Allentown (Trexlertown) (United States)

27.02.2014Plug Power
Latham (United States)

27.02.2014Harriman Campus
Albany (United States)

27.02.2014Shell station White Plains
White Plains (United States)

27.02.2014Rochester - Green City
Rochester (United States)
unknown whether operation starts again

27.02.2014Arizona Public Service Alternative Fuel Pilot Plant
Phoenix (United States)

27.02.2014Las Vegas Hydrogen Energy Station
Las Vegas (United States)

27.02.2014Kettering University’s Center for Fuel Cell Systems & Powertrain Integration
Flint - Grand Blanc (United States)
also used for U.S. Fuel Cell Bus project

27.02.2014Greater Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge
Columbia (United States)

27.02.2014Sage Mill station
Graniteville Aiken (United States)
update, adress unclear

27.02.2014University of Texas, Austin
Austin (United States)
update; demonstration of the Proterra bus ended

27.02.2014Ohio State University´s Center for Automotive Research (CAR)
Columbus (United States)
obviously also used for the FC Bus project

27.02.2014Alternative Fuel Solutions
Cleveland (East Cleveland) (United States)
in operation

27.02.2014Ford Vehicle Refueling Dearborn
Dearborn (United States)

27.02.2014DoE VDP GM Lead - GM proving grounds station
Milford (United States)

27.02.2014NextEnergy Center
Detroit (United States)

27.02.2014Gas Technology Institute
Des Plaines (United States)
GTI gets further funded DoE project

27.02.2014New York John F. Kennedy Airport
New York - Jamaika (United States)

27.02.2014GM Training Center
Ardsley (United States)

27.02.2014Hempstead Long Island
Hempstead - Point Lookout (United States)

27.02.2014Rolla Hydrogen Station
Rolla (United States)

27.02.2014FTA Light-wt FC Bus project
Newark (United States)
correction of address

27.02.2014GM development center
Honeoye Falls (United States)

27.02.2014Fuel Cell Scooter Station
Honolulu (United States)
project stopped

27.02.2014Schofield Barracks
Wahiawa (United States)
newly included

27.02.2014Kaneohe Marine Base
Kaneohe Bay (United States)
newly included

27.02.2014Rochester Institute of Technology RIT hydrogen refueling station
Rochester (United States)
newly included; probably opened in 2010 or 2011

26.02.2014Hawaii hydrogen infrastructure
Honolulu Oahu (United States)
to be open 2nd Q 2014

26.02.2014Hawaii Hydrogen Power Park
Volcano (United States)
plans to open in 2014

24.02.2014CUTE station - new
Amsterdam (Netherlands)

24.02.2014US Air Force Base FC Bus Demonstration
Honolulu (United States)

24.02.2014Amsterdam Fuel Cell Boat
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
update; later combined and upgraded public station instead of CUTE station

21.02.2014AC Transit ChevronTexaco Hydrogen Energy Station
Oakland (United States)
only for buses, new station is in development

21.02.2014SunLine Transit - Thousand Palms
Thousand Palms (United States)

21.02.2014Camp Pendleton
Oceanside (United States)

21.02.2014Shell - Air Products Pipeline station
Torrance (United States)

21.02.2014Torrance Toyota Station
Torrance (United States)

21.02.2014Santa Ana - SCAQMD (Mobile Refueler)
Santa Ana (United States)

21.02.2014Santa Monica - South Coast Air Quality Management District Program - SCAQMD
Santa Monica (United States)

21.02.2014Riverside - SCAQMD
Riverside (United States)

21.02.2014SCAQMD (Mobile Refueler)
Ontario (United States)
out of operation

21.02.2014UCLA Station Westwood
Westwood, Los Angeles (United States)

21.02.2014Newport Beach Shell demonstration hydrogen station
Newport Beach (United States)
update; data collection until 2015

21.02.2014Shell station
West Los Angeles (United States)
unclear whether 35 or 70 MPa

21.02.2014San Francisco Airport station SFO
San Francisco (United States)
station is cancelled

21.02.2014Clean Energy LAX airport station
Los Angeles (United States)

21.02.2014California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)
West Sacramento (United States)
obviously out of operation

21.02.2014San Capistrano Station
San Juan Capistrano (United States)
first planned at Laguna Niguel

21.02.2014Santa Monica New Station
Santa Monica (United States)
new address, in development

21.02.2014West Sacramento Station - Linde
West Sacramento (United States)
new address

21.02.2014West Los Angeles Air Products station
West Los Angeles (United States)
address available

21.02.2014Richmond Berkeley station
Richmond (United States)

21.02.2014Air Products Woodland Hills station
Woodland Hills (United States)

21.02.2014Linde Mountain View hydrogen fueling station
Mountain View (United States)

21.02.2014Hydrogen Refueling Station Network Deployment
Mission Viejo (United States)

20.02.2014Linde Cupertino Hydrogen Fueling Station
Cupertino (United States)

20.02.2014Linde Foster City Hydrogen Fueling Station
Foster City (United States)
in development

20.02.2014California FCV Initiative
Anaheim (United States)

20.02.2014Lawndale Station
Lawndale (United States)
was planned at Hawthorne

20.02.2014Beverly Hills Station
Beverly Hills - Los Angeles (United States)
new address

20.02.2014Hermosa Beach Station
Hermosa Beach (United States)
update; in development

20.02.2014Irvine New Station
Irvine (United States)
update, in development

20.02.2014Hydrogen Energy Station
Fountain Valley (United States)

20.02.2014Westfalen AG Brockbachtal
Westerkappeln (Germany)
newly planned

20.02.2014AC Transit - Emeryville
Emeryville (United States)
in operation again

20.02.2014Mebtahi Station Service - Chevron station
Harbor City (United States)
in operation

20.02.2014California State University Los Angeles (CSU LA) Hydrogen Fueling Station
Los Angeles (United States)
still in test operation, but not open for public until now

20.02.2014SCAQMD Burbank
Burbank (United States)

Chino (United States)
complete comprehensive update of the station until Q3 2014 at a new location

20.02.2014SCAQMD Hydrogen Highway Network Fueling Station in Diamon Bar
Diamond Bar (United States)
update; upgrade in development

20.02.2014University of California, Irvine, National Fuel Cell Research Center
Irvine (United States)
the station is public; upgrade is planned

20.02.2014Humbolt State University `s Schatz Energy Research Center
Arcata (United States)

Rotterdam (Netherlands)
no news

19.02.2014HyNor Oslo
Oslo Bjerke (Norway)
new operator and owner

19.02.2014HyNor Drammen
Lier (Norway)
new operator and owner

19.02.2014HyNor Porsgrunn - Grenland
Porsgrunn (Norway)
new owner and operator

19.02.2014HyNor Lillestrom hydrogen station
Skedsmo - Kjeller (Norway)
new owner and operator

19.02.2014H2 moves Oslo Gaustadt
Vestre Aker (Norway)
new owner and operator

17.02.2014Brennero - H2 Highway Munich - Modena
Brennero (Italy)
no news are available

17.02.2014Verona -H2 Highway Munich - Modena
Verona (Italy)
no news are available

17.02.2014Nogaredo - H2 highway Munich - Modena
Nogaredo (Italy)
no news are available

17.02.2014Modena - H2 Highway Munich . Modena
Modena (Italy)
no news are available

17.02.2014Powertec Station
Surrey (Canada)

17.02.2014Surrey City station
Surrey (Canada)
out of operation

14.02.2014Hydrogen Highway - Bridge of Don
Bridge of Don (United Kingdom)
no news are available

14.02.2014Hydrogen Highway - Ellon
Ellon (United Kingdom)
no news are available

14.02.2014Hydrogen Highway - Peterhead
Peterhead (United Kingdom)
no news are available

13.02.2014Midlands Hydrogen Ring - East Midlands Airport
Derby (United Kingdom)
no news are available

13.02.2014Midlands Hydrogen Ring - Snibston Discovery Park
Leicestershire (United Kingdom)
no news are available

13.02.2014LHP London Hydrogen Partnership CHIC project
London (United Kingdom)
accessibility will be increased to help to create a hydrogen refueling station network

13.02.2014Honda Manufacturing Station
Swindon (United Kingdom)
Hydrogenics will provide an electrolyser

13.02.2014HyTEC station
London (United Kingdom)
the station will be upgraded to use it for leased Hyundai FCV

13.02.2014Ecoisland project - Maritim station
Isle of Wight (United Kingdom)
project is on time and on budget; delivery of the refuelling system in spring 2014,

13.02.2014Ecoisland Project
Isle of Wight (United Kingdom)
ITM has been granted planning permission at four locations; operation should start November 2014

13.02.2014Renewable Hydrogen Refueling Station Network
London (United Kingdom)
part of the planned renewable H2 station network for leased Hyundai FCV

12.02.2014ET Hydrogen Lab & Experimental Plant (HyLab)
Brunnthal (Germany)

07.02.2014CEP Shell Schnackenburgallee
Hamburg (Germany)
H2 Logic will supply the station

04.02.2014Midlands Hydrogen ring - Nottingham
Nottingham (United Kingdom)

29.01.2014Proton Energy headquarter - East Coast Hydrogen Highway
Wallingford (United States)
FC vehicles and station work well despite the extreme winter conditions

28.01.2014BC Hydrogen Highway - Whistler
Whistler (Canada)
project will not continue after March 2014 because of high costs

28.01.2014Daimler Hydrogen Station
Sindelfingen (Germany)

28.01.2014Daimler station
Kirchheim Teck (Germany)

28.01.2014Daimler AG - Production Plant Untertürkheim
Stuttgart (Germany)
out of operation

28.01.2014Daimler AG - production plant Rastatt
Rastatt (Germany)
out of operation

28.01.2014Solar Hydrogen Station
Sattledt (Austria)
out of operation, consideration to relocated it at Fronius Thalheim; plans for a new indoor station

28.01.2014TOTAL station Geiselwind
Geiselwind (Germany)
newly planned; start of operation planned for Q3 2014

28.01.2014TOTAL station Fellbach
Fellbach (Germany)
newly planned; start of operation planned for Q3 2014

28.01.2014Swiss Hydrogen Power
Marin-Epagnier (Switzerland)
newly included

20.01.2014UNEP-GEF Project
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
update; final stage of commissioning; start of operation planned for Q1/2014

Herten (Germany)
update no news

15.01.2014CEP Holzmarktstraße Total Statoil Linde
Berlin (Germany)
out of operation; re-open with new technology in July 2014

15.01.2014CEP Total Cuxhavener Straße
Hamburg (Germany)
out of operation; relocated at Aluminiumstraße

15.01.2014CEP TOTAL Heerstraße (new)
Berlin (Germany)
newly planned, relocation of the old station in Heerstraße 324

15.01.2014CEP TOTAL Aluminiumstraße
Hamburg (Germany)
newly planned; re-location of station at Cuxhavener Straße

13.01.2014Agip - Zero Regio
Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
upgraded to be ready to be used by CEP partners

10.01.2014Faridabad Hydrogen-CNG Dispensing Station
Faridabad (India)

10.01.2014New Delhi Indian Oil Public Hydrogen Refuelling Station
New Delhi - Dwarka (India)

10.01.2014Solar hydrogen station
Gurgaon (India)
start of operation is delayed

10.01.2014Pragati Maidan
New Delhi (India)

08.01.2014Austria´s first public hydrogen filling station
Vienna (Austria)

07.01.2014Cute Hydrogen Station Hamburg
Hamburg (Germany)
out of operation

07.01.2014GM Opel
Wiesbaden (Germany)
out of operation

02.01.2014Nuvera Hydrogen Station
Billerica (United States)

02.01.2014National Wind Technology Center NWTC
Boulder (United States)

Bottrop (Germany)

18.12.2013Hamburg Alster
Hamburg (Germany)
the ship "Alsterwasser" get a new fuel cell stack

18.12.2013Air Liquide Mobile Filling Station and test station
Sassenage (France)
AL gets two FCEV Hyundai as the first fuel cell electric vehicles registered in France

17.12.2013CEP Total Heerstraße
Berlin (Germany)
out of operation; will be relocated at Heerstraße 37

17.12.2013CEP Shell Sachsendamm
Berlin (Germany)

17.12.2013CEP Heidestraße Total Linde station
Berlin (Germany)

17.12.2013CEP Shell Bramfelder Chaussee
Hamburg (Germany)

17.12.2013WaterstofNet Station Brussels
Halle (Belgium)

17.12.2013CEP Höherweg Air Liquide station
Düsseldorf (Germany)

17.12.2013CEP Karlsruhe EnBW station
Karlsruhe (Germany)

16.12.2013Munich Lohhof - Linde Hydrogen Center (LH2C)
Unterschleißheim (Germany)
70 MPa refueling in regular operation

11.12.2013Boston - Logan Airport station
Boston (United States)
Ballard will deliver a bus in 2014

10.12.2013Jiading district station
Shanghai (China)
The station is still under permission process. Construction hasn´t been started until now

10.12.2013Istanbul boat and bus station
Istanbul Eyup (Turkey)
the Institute ICHET was closed; station in stand-by, government searchs for new owner

10.12.2013Riviera Trasporti hydrogen station
San Remo (Italy)
to be open by the end of June 2014

03.12.2013Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station
Shanghai - Anting Town (China)
visited be WHTC 2013 conference study tour

03.12.2013Stuttgart Airport
Stuttgart (Germany)

02.12.2013HycentA Hydrogen Center Austria
Graz (Austria)
update; research activities are reinforced

02.12.2013Unicamp Hydrogen Laboratory
Campinas (Brazil)
out of operation

29.11.2013WaterstofNet Station Helmond
Helmond (Netherlands)
in operation now

26.11.2013SWARM project station
Bremen (Germany)
newly planned; demonstration phase 2014-2016

26.11.2013SWARM project
Birmingham (United Kingdom)
newly planned, construction will start at the beginning of 2014

25.11.2013Pico Truncado Hydrogen Demo Plant
Province of Santa Cruz (Argentina)
Argentina reaches semi-industrial production

20.11.2013High VLO City station at Solvay
Antwerp (Belgium)

18.11.2013Milano CHIC station
Milano -San Donato (Italy)
operation started end of July 2013

13.11.2013Narita Airport
Narita-City (Japan)

13.11.2013Haneda Hydrogen station
Tokyo Ota-ku (Japan)

13.11.2013Tokyo Suginami Hydrogen Station
Tokyo (Japan)

13.11.2013Nikko Hydrogen Station
Nikko City (Japan)
no further operation in JHFC 3

13.11.2013Kyushu University
Fukuoka City (Japan)

13.11.2013Osaka Gas Refueling Station
Osaka (Japan)

13.11.2013Osaka - Kansai International Airport
Izumisano-shi (Japan)

13.11.2013Centrair Hydrogen Station
Tokoname-shi (Japan)

13.11.2013Yokoham-Daikoku Hydrogen Station
Yokohama-shi - Tokyo (Japan)
no further operation in JHFC3

13.11.2013Yokohama-Asahi Hydrogen Station
Yokohama-shi (Japan)

13.11.2013Senju Hydrogen Station
Tokyo (Japan)

13.11.2013Ariake Hydrogen Station
Tokyo (Japan)
operation continues within HySUT

13.11.2013Kasumigaseki JHFC Demonstration Project Mobile Filling Station
Tokyo (Japan)
operation continues within HySUT program.

13.11.2013Kitakyushu Hydrogen Energy Station
Kitakyushu (Japan)

09.10.2013BCHH Pacific Spirit Station
Vancouver (Canada)
out of operation

01.10.2013Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT
Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany)
FC bus shuttle service starts

25.09.2013Ithaca hydrogen station
Ithaca (United States)
newly planned

13.09.2013Slovenia Hydrogen Refuelling Station
Lesce (Slovenia)
in operation now

13.09.2013H2 highway Munich - Modena: Multienergy station and H2 station Bolzano
Bolzano (Italy)
buses are delivered, refueled at a temporary filling station

12.09.2013Trentino trasporti H2 Station
Trento (Italy)
newly included

13.08.2013Woikoski Headquarter
Voikoski (Finland)
the station is not public, but refueling is possible

13.08.2013Kaminokura HySUT station
Nagoya Kaminokura (Japan)
in operation now

13.08.2013Toyota Eco Full Town Hydrogen Station
Toyota City (Japan)
in operation now

12.08.2013Environmental Energy Technology Centre
Rotherham (United Kingdom)
ITM Power will become the operator of the Hydrogen Mini Grid System

06.08.2013Saitama Tokyo Gas hydrogen station
Saitama shi (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Nerima-ku Tokyo Gas hydrogen station
Nerima-ku (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Kariya Iwatani Int Corp Hydrogen Station
Kariya (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Amagasaki IwataniInt Corp Hydrogen Station
Amagasaki (Japan)
newly planned; funding granted

06.08.2013Kita_Kyushu Iwantani Int Corp Hydrogen Station
Kita-Kyushu (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Toda Iwatani Int Corp Hydrogen station
Toda (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Okazaki Iwatani Industrial Gases Hydrogen Station
Okazaki (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Nagoya Toyota Tsusho Hydrogen Station
Nagoya (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Toyota Hydrogen Station
Toyota (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Machida Nippon Hydrogen Station
Machida (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Hachioji Nippon Hydrogen Station
Hachioji (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Sagamihara Nippon Hydrogen Station
Sagamihara (Japan)
newly planned , funding granted

06.08.2013Hiratsuka Nippon Hydrogen Station
Hiratsuka (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Kasukabe Nippon Hydroge station
Kasukabe (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Chiba Nippon Hydrogen Station
Chiba City (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Okazaki Nippon Hydrogen Station
Okazaki (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Nagoya Nippon Hydrogen Station
Nagoya (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Suginami Nippon station
Suginami (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

06.08.2013Yokohama Nippon Hydrogen Station
Yokohama (Japan)
newly planned, funding granted

05.08.2013Brugg CHIC station (stationary and mobile)
Brugg (Switzerland)
electrolyser works very well and buses need less fuel as expected

30.07.2013Hydrogen Ferry Demonstration Project
Bristol (United Kingdom)
the station will be decommssioned after project end at the end of August 2013

30.07.2013SWARM project station
Brussels (Belgium)
construction will be started at the beginning of 2014

08.07.2013H2 move
Freiburg (Germany)
update access and opening hours

19.06.2013Finnlands First Hydrogen Refueling Station
Rovaniemi (Finland)
moved to Voikoski

19.06.2013Eco-Technology Research Institute of Hyundai
Seoul Yangjae (South Korea)

10.06.2013Korea Gas Research and Development Facility
Incheon - Songdo (South Korea)

10.06.2013Hyundai-Kia R&D Center
Yongin (South Korea)

10.06.2013Daejeon Station
Daejeon Yuseong (South Korea)

10.06.2013Jeju Gimnyeong station
Jeju Gimnyeong (South Korea)

10.06.2013Hyundai Hydrogen Filling Station
Hwaseong (South Korea)

10.06.2013Landfill hydrogen station
Seoul - Sangam (South Korea)

10.06.2013Multi-fuel Refueling Station
Malmö (Sweden)
only sporadically for special events in operation

Keratea (Greece)
not dismantled, under maintenance

10.06.2013Malmö Skane Next Move hydrogen station
Malmö (Sweden)
newly planned to start 2014

05.06.2013Copenhagen 2
Copenhagen (Denmark)
to start 2014

05.06.2013Copenhagen 3
Copenhagen (Denmark)
to start 2014

Aarhus (Denmark)
to start after 2015

Esbjerg (Denmark)
to start after 2015

Odense (Denmark)
to start after 2015

05.06.2013Mobile Refueling unit TrailH2™ - gas of Linde
Düsseldorf (Germany)
refuelling of the first hybrid H2 powered race car at the Nürburgring with the TrailH2-gas

Aalborg (Denmark)
update; to start 2014

05.06.2013Fredericia Vejle
Frederica Vejle (Denmark)
update, to start 2014

Ringkøbing (Denmark)
still in operation

Herning (Denmark)
to start after 2015

04.06.2013Copenhagen 1
Copenhagen (Denmark)
inauguration of the new upgraded station

24.04.2013Hydrogen Demonstration Park (HYDEPARK)
Gebze (Turkey)
supposed to be closed because of funding limitation

24.04.2013Zero Emission Hydrogen Bus
Torino (Italy)
unclear whether it still exists