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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: 12 new H2 Refuelling Stations worldwide (22.02.2012)

Twelve new hydrogen refuelling stations opened throughout the world in 2011, bringing the total number of hydrogen refuelling stations in operation to 215.
This is the result of the fourth annual assessment by Another 122 refuelling stations are in the final planning stage around the world.

Three new refuelling stations were opened in Germany last year, two of which were in the South West. Given this, the German network of hydrogen stations outside the focal regions of Hamburg, Berlin and the Ruhr area is taking shape. However, refuelling stations are still lacking, in particular along the direct line between Berlin and Munich. The opening of a refuelling station in Bolzano, expected this year, further pushes forward expansion to the South. The new stations opened in 2011 in Switzerland and Milan will complete the corridor in Southwestern Europe.

29 hydrogen refuelling stations were in operation in Germany in 2011, and definite plans have been made for a further 12. The locations of another 20 refuelling stations which are to be built by 2014 have not yet been decided. Overall, nine refuelling stations were opened in Europe last year. The first hydrogen refuelling station in Finland was opened in January 2012. .

Plans for a second one have already been made. North America witnessed the opening of two new hydrogen refuelling stations. However, at the same time, some existing hydrogen refuelling stations were closed - albeit a far smaller number than expected, as the operation of these stations is frequently continued even beyond the publicly funded project terms.

Thus, in accordance with the information available to Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik 85 hydrogen refuelling stations are currently operated in Europe, 80 in the USA and 47 in Asia Pacific. Another three hydrogen refuelling stations are located in Latin America, where a further 25 fuel-cell buses are to be added to the existing fleet in Sao Paulo.

The site leads users to interactive maps of all hydrogen refuelling stations that are in operation or the planning stage or have been shut down worldwide. The database always includes the latest detailed information about the existing or planned 437 hydrogen refuelling stations throughout the world. Another 19 refuelling stations were added to the database in 2011 and new information was added on 145 refuelling stations. Non-commercial use of the database is free, commercial clients will also find more extensive in-depth data and targeted data analysis.

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